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Choose whether your product is screen printed or embroidered from the two options below




Embroidery CARE 


  • A mild detergent should be used to wash all embroidered garments. 

  • Refrain from using optical brightening agents or chlorine bleach. 

  • If washing requires bleach, then use non-chlorine bleach as the product instructs. 

  • Coldwater should be machine washed. 

  • Delicate wash cycle

  • In case color residue shows in water, first, rinse in lukewarm water and then several times in cold water until it becomes clear. 

  • Remove quickly once the wash cycle completes.  

  • Don’t leave any embroidered piece of clothing in water or in a pile when it is wet. 

  • Put articles in the dryer immediately once the washing cycle completes. It’s better to use normal settings for better results. Preheating the dryer can be helpful as well. 

  • It would help if you did not wring out the embroidered articles.

  • Abstain from rubbing the stained embroidery. 

Dry Cleaning

  • Embroidery must be dry cleaned. Although, make sure to be careful when dry cleaning. Extra care must be taken when dry cleaning dark shades. Do not use pre-spotting agents. 

Industrial Laundering

  • Any Embroidered garments can be industrially laundered when procedures are properly followed, as the International Fabricare Institute outlines. 


  • Ironing of embroidered fabrics should always be done on the reverse side. 

  • It is better to iron embroidery between two pieces of cloth. 

  • Wetting the embroidery before ironing or using a steam iron is recommended. 


Note: Usually, the care label instructions are related not to the embroidery but to the garment. Taking special care is necessary when laundering embroidered garments.


As the conditions of pressing, washing, use, and cleaning, etc., vary in the use of threads and yarns, preliminary tests should be used by the purchasers to assure themselves that the yarn or thread dye fastness is fully colorfast to washing or crocking in every condition. No responsibility can be taken for any following damages as the thread’s value is disproportionate to the goods’ value where it is stitched. 




  • The first two washes should be by hand using cold water

  • Use a mild detergent to wash your garments.

  • Turn your garment inside-out before washing. 

  • Wash cycle programs must be kept at a low temperature (90 degrees Fahrenheit maximum is recommended).

  • Try not to use a dryer to dry your screen-printed t-shirts since it may damage the printing. We suggest to let the garment air-dry to maintain the imprinting. 

  • Iron the screen-printed garments from the inside out to maintain the screen print quality.

  • The imprint might fade when washing light-colored garments using a high temperature (40 Degrees Celsius is considered too high).

Dry Cleaning

  • Although you can dry clean screen printed garments, it is recommended to be extra careful when dry cleaning. Using pre-spotting agents must be avoided, and better care must be taken when dry cleaning dark shades. 


  • It is better to iron the screen-printed garments from the inside out. The structural integrity of the print will be maintained for longer.

  • In order to extend the garment’s life, you can try ironing the garment between two pieces of cloth.

  • Don’t steam or apply moisture to your screen-printed garment before the ironing. 

Screen Printing
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